simple life

Its a simple life for me. Can I ask who would not want one of these..I think i will have to follow these instructions sometime. It looks so dam comfy


We pay a lot of our money for furniture, concrete homes, throw away technology.  How can we improve this? How do we cut down our consumption? Low Impact man did pretty amazing with his family in New York, It goes to show we can all do something even apartment or big city dwellers. We should all be conscious. We should all be aware. Make our own homes maybe? Maybe sometimes …Or make something useful for yourself or for someone as a gift…cob oven in the garden..or exchange learning something new with teaching something you have a particular skill for ?

or have a small house but a big life ….as they say at….i am a big supporter of this revolution !! Ireland is getting on board image

The website explains some basic reasons why a person would choose this life over one more concrete or settled.Tiny houses aren’t for everyone. Here are some reasons you may want to consider one though.

• They eliminate crap

• It reminds us to live

• They are sustainable

• Keeps it simple

• Helps manage time

We can do so much by teaching what we know that the knock on effects are so vast. . Of course there is google to find information but one on one to teach someone something is a gift to both the student and the teacher…i am not a genius by any means but I now have been a teacher several times in several ways and it has been of such benefit to me as a person. So now it is my job to advocate for it…in the everyday. I will always be a student in life..this I to share what you have learned is good.


About existinchange

I have a Hons BA In Applied Social Studies in Social Care. I have worked with many different non-profit organisations and charities. I was a Youth M.E.P for Ireland a very many years ago which inspired the strong interest in policy making. I am interested in ways in which communities can adapt to face the issues affecting them and create services with no or extremely limited funding. Which is currently the case for many surviving community projects and youth groups. There is a wealth of talent and experience in Ireland and so many out of work. Its time we all share our knowledge and skills in exchange for learning something new or giving back to our community. View all posts by existinchange

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